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Having a professional website is the foundation of your company’s brand online. Maintaining and growing that brand should be the priority of every business.With so many options available to us on a daily basis from many different sources, it becomes difficult to distinguish from what is needed and what is not. What is hype and what is real.Below are some simple yet powerful components you need to consider before you create your company’s website.

Having these components in mind, Arzalo is able to work with you to help you build and grow your corporate brand online.

We design each website exclusively for you. We never use website templates; instead our designers build a unique website design based solely upon your design and functionality requirements. Our designers are able to share different ideas and resources utilizing the latest tools and technology available in the industry.

design_pro_icoProfessional design: A custom website design is what will differentiate you from the competition online. Utilizing cookie cutter templates or simply not using the latest social media widgets can mean the difference between your visitors turning into clients or leaving to the competition.
simple_iconSimple to use: The easier to navigate the frontend of your website is, the more your visitors and customers will interact with your brand online. On the other hand, the backend of your website, the heart, the control center of your website should be as easy to use for you, your employees and associates.
seo_optimizationSimple to find: A professional website should be properly SEO Optimized (Search Engine Optimization), in order for your potential customers to find you among the thousands of websites that may offer the same thing you are doing. There is nothing more frustrating than having a great looking website that nobody sees it.
money_webPays for itself: A winning website should pay for itself by the amount of new customers it brings. A winning website should never be a liability for the business, but a great investment.
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